our All Wood caskets are locally sourced and biodegradable for green burial.

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caskets are hand delivered, shipped directly to individuals, or acquired through funeral homes.


“My entire family took great solace in each of the four children being able to hammer in a peg to seal the lid. The smell of the finish and of the pine in the…living room was one that was universally appreciated.”

-Dr. Stuart Harris


Carolina Casket Makers Collective (CCMC) believes in the beauty and simplicity of a 'plain pine box'. We strive to provide all wood caskets directly to families for greener and more natural burials

We believe families should have choices and reclaim end-of-life ceremonies, whether they're at home by the garden or in a funeral home. We also believe families shouldn't spend enormous amounts on bells and whistles, if all they want is a plain pine box.  

Our handcrafted vessels are simple, but they are made to respect the Earth and honor each departing Life with dignity.

We Help Make Green and Natural Burial Possible

Finding a biodegradable casket, coffin, or shroud for a green burial can be challenging. We strive to help families create meaningful ceremony in whatever space they choose.

We work with   Aldergrove Caskets  , maker of handcrafted pine caskets for green and natural burial.

We work with Aldergrove Caskets, maker of handcrafted pine caskets for green and natural burial.

Learn more from   Green Burial Project  .

Learn more from Green Burial Project.

Our caskets are certified by the   Green Burial Council  .

Our caskets are certified by the Green Burial Council.




Southern Yellow Pine

no metal | all-wood joinery | sisal rope handles | 3-leaf GBC certified

Eno River model (tung oil finish) | $1800

Jordan River model (no finish, kosher) | $1800

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New River Casket

minimal metal | pre-assembled plywood | no finish | hardware included |

2-Leaf GBC certified

*family members may wish to write or decorate the wood with art

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Oak Nolichucky.JPG

Nolichucky Casket

Aldergrove Caskets can build custom caskets to honor the unique needs of different communities.

This custom oak casket was built for a burial in the Baha'i community.

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Custom Carvings

Please contact us for prices on custom carvings.

What’s in a coffineer’s toolbox? Click here to take a sneak peak inside John’s workshop at Aldergrove Caskets.

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About the collective

For families arranging a burial or cremation, or individuals wanting to make end-of-life arrangements in advance, you have affordable options that are kind to the environment, simple yet stunning, and naturally familiar to the senses.

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